Wednesday, April 15, 2009

have you seen this bike?

The TLBF has prided itself as having a streak that no one has ever lost his/her bike during the festival.

Unfortunately, that streak was broken this year. A very good friend lost his bike last April 5 (early April 6). 

Please find a picture of his bike... It's a Banshee Legend MK1.

Its tragic that someone took advantage of the situation and took off with the bike, but we're trying our best to find it.  

Since we noticed the bike was missing, we've gone overtime and tried to look for the bike.

We need your help in locating it.  Please take note of the parts... You might find someone selling parts which belong to the bike.

Please email us if you have info.  We're offering a reward for the recovery of the bike!


1 comment:

  1. No word on this lost bike among the local bikers here at olongapo.

    albert poore