Friday, April 10, 2009

Results! Results!! Triathlon

Please find below the results of the 2009 TLBF Olympic/Standard Distance Triahtlon event.  More results for the other races soon!!

Congrats to all the guys and gals who joined the tri event!!


  1. congrats to the participants! - photos from around sbma

  2. This was our first time in the Philippines.
    Everything was great: The people, the hospitality, the food, THE HILLS (in the sense that there was no end to them) the tri-race.
    We have met a lot of new friends which we hope to see again soon, maybe in HK or anywhere else in Asia.
    This event should be an example for other countries to follow.
    It deserves full support from the sponsors and from all of us that have participated.
    Goyo and his team did a super good job and they have spoiled us (the athletes) in every possible way. We will keep these days in our memory.
    But I will refresh the memory soon, as I hope to come again and maybe join also some of the TRUE bike races, (but some biker should try the triathlon too!)
    Thanks Goyo and good luck for the next edition.
    Armando and Ibe